“A brave heart and a courteous tongue. They shall carry thee far through the jungle, manling.”- Rudyard Kipling

Cancun may be famous for the white sandy beaches but did you know it sits in a lush tropical jungle perfect for embracing your inner Mowgli? There areincredible Cancun activities waiting for you, welcome to the jungle (we’ve got fun and games!)


Loma Bonita Cancun cenote

Loma Bonita Cancun is one of our favorite places to enjoy a jungle experience! This family-run Cancun adventure park is located on the famous “Cenote Route” in Puerto Morelos, about 30 minutes from the hotel zone of Cancun. This is not your big corporate park, the family has ensured a truly authentic and personal experience! From the moment you enter Loma Bonita cancun, you are family too, an integral part of the jungle clan.

Loma Bonita Cancun zipline tour

There are four fabulous Cancun activities for you to discover at Loma Bonita! First, you’ll enjoy the element of air as you soar over the jungle canopy on a wicked fun zipline circuit. No experience necessary, a Cancun zipline tour at Loma Bonita includes knowledgeable guides and top of the line safety equipment, newbies and pros alike will love the adrenaline rush!

Cancun horseback riding at Loma Bonita Cancun

Anyone with a love for horses will ADORE a Cancun horseback ride at Loma Bonita, totally in touch with nature, the peace of the jungle and the sounds of the horses breath and rhythmic hooves will bring you a sense of contentment and connection with the element of earth that we all desperately need, a break from technology and the fast-paced world we live in!

Cancun atv tour Loma bonita

Fire things up on a powerful ATV and really get the adrenaline flowing! Fast track through wide jungle trails then carefully navigate through narrow paths over roots and puddles and mud, OH MY! The Cancun ATV excursion at Loma Bonita Cancun will have you whooping and laughing and high fiving your travel buddies, what a rush!

Cenote Mojarras zipline at Loma Bonita Cancun

Last but certainly not least, Loma Bonita Cancun is home to an ancient marvel, an open cenote that is perfect for a refreshing swim! Leap from a high tower, dare to fly on the zipline and land in the water or simply float and look at the clouds passing by. Cenote Mojarras is a lush and lovely oasis in the jungle and the perfect way to conclude your day of Cancun adventure.

Take the path less traveled, be brave, be courteous and be a part of the jungle family at Loma Bonita Cancun! Reserve today for a fabulous Cancun tour for the whole clan! 


Kelly McLaughlin

From the cenotes in the middle of the jungle to the beaches in the middle of nowhere, Cancun Canuck is an expert in Mexico travel.

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