7 activities in Xel Há Park that YOU WILL LOVE

Traveling with your friends, partner or family to the Mexican Caribbean and not doing one of the most complete all-inclusive Cancun tours of this destination is like you were never here. We want to get you pumped up about the 7 most incredible activities in Xel Ha that you’ll enjoy during your visit to this place full of fun, nature and delicious food.

1.- Float or snorkel in the cove of Xel Há

The spectacular natural cove of Xel Há Park is the main attraction of this aquatic Riviera Maya theme park, not only for its stunning beauty, but for being a rich ecosystem that houses more than 400 species of marine flora and fauna such as corals, sergeant majors, parrotfish, grunts and even barracudas.

The cove of Xel Ha can be enjoyed in many ways! Maybe you want to take a relaxing float and let yourself be carried by the current on an inner tube, or snorkel and appreciate the varieties of fish that live here while you explore the natural environment.

7 actividades en Xel Há que AMARÁS | Flota en la caleta

2.- Enjoy ziplines with water landing splash downs!

One of the most exciting Xel Há activities is flying on ziplines over the water, a fun installation at the edge of the cove where you can cruise through the air and splash down in the crystal clear waters of Xel Ha Park. Whether hanging or comfortably seated, this activity will give you that dose of adrenaline you’re looking for in Cancun all-inclusive tours.

In the same area of ​​Xel Ha is the famous “trepachanga”, a series of obstacles that you will have to cross to test your balance. Here the challenge will be not to fall into the water before finishing the journey. Play with your family or friends, whoever loses must go for ice cream for everyone!

7 activities in Xel Há that YOU WILL LOVE | Zip lines with water

3.- Cross the Xel Ha floating bridge

Another activity in Xel Há that you will adore is the floating bridge, an amazing construction on the cove that connects the main area of ​​the park with the Path of Consciousness. Cross it to get to the giant chair of Xel Ha and take the traditional souvenir photo of Xel Ha park!

7 actividades en Xel Há que AMARÁS | Puente flotante

4.- Eat as if there was no tomorrow!

With so many activities in Xel Ha, you will surely get hungry not once, but several times during the day. We suggest visiting the restaurants of Xel-Há to keep you full of energy and try a delicious variety of dishes. The all-inclusive Xel Ha tour lets you eat and drink to your heart’s content!

In Xel Há Park you will find lots of restaurants and bars that you can enjoy during your visit. For breakfast we suggest Chulavista Restaurant, a beautiful palapa with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea, whose specialty is international cuisine. If you are looking for something more Mexican, take a walk around the La Cocina del Pueblo buffet restaurant and serve some tacos of delicious cochinita pibil, they are absolutely addictive!

7 actividades en Xel Há que AMARÁS | Restaurante todo incluido

The other two Xel Ha restaurants that you can enjoy with your all-inclusive Xel Ha tour are the La Terraza snack bar and the Corona Garden Restaurant, recommended for visitors who want grilled meats.

As an oasis in the middle of Xel Ha Park, you will find the Bar del Puente. This is the only consumer center dedicated exclusively to offering delicious drinks. Once you’re there, try your cocktail “Natural Wonder”. It is one of our favorites!

5.- Drop from the Cliff of Courage

Another of the attractions that you will love in this natural wonder of the Riviera Maya is the well-known “Piedra del Valor” or “Cliff of Courage”, where the most daring adventurers manage to get incredible photographs of their spectacular jumps.

7 activities in Xel Há that YOU WILL LOVE | Cliff of Courage

6.- Soak in the view and race down the lighthouse waterslide

This is one of the most recent and spectacular Xel Há activities in the park. The Xel Há all-inclusive tour gives you access to the stunning 360 ° view of the Mexican Caribbean that the Mirador Lighthouse offers. In addition, you can descend sliding down any of its four speedy slides.

At 40 meters high you will admire the natural beauty of Xel Há Park in all its splendor, contemplate the green of the Mayan jungle, the intense blue tones of the Caribbean Sea and you can take an incredible photo of the memory with this view. Then you will spiral down at full speed through the slide you choose and you will finish a refreshing natural well. You have to experience the Xel Há Lighthouse!

7 activities in Xel Há that YOU WILL LOVE | Xel Ha Lighthouse

7.- Relax in the shade of the palm trees

In addition to the many activities in Xel Há, we love that the creators of the park have thought of installing hammocks and lounge chairs just about everywhere! So you may decide whether to take a nap next to the snack bar, next to the children’s play area, near the restaurant area or in a more private area on the other side of the cove. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and just enjoy the sea breeze on your skin and the aroma of the jungle.

Now that we’ve presented you just a little taste of all you’ll see and do in this incredible park (awarded with certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor) and our 7 favorite Xel Ha activities, what do you say? When will you visit Xel Ha Park?

7 actividades en Xel Há que AMARÁS | Descansa en una hamaca

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