5 Secrets To Enjoying the Captain Hook Cancun Pirate Ship

Ahoy matey! You are about to discover the secrets of one of the most fun and memorable activities in Cancun. Believe us, the pirate ship Captain Hook Cancun can not be missed on your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean and here we have 5 informative gems that support it:

1.- Who is the Captain Hook Cancun tour for?

If you love the adventure films of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Hook Cancun is for you. If you were playing with the pirate ship of Playmobil or LEGO as a child and you dreamed of one day getting on a boat like this, this pirate ship tour in Cancun is for you. If you like walks by the sea, parties, fine dining and all you can drink with open bar, THIS TOUR IS FOR YOU.

The Captain Hook Cancun show is for all ages! Although there is no minimum age to board this amazing pirate ship in Cancun, the recommended age is for children from 5 or 6 years old and up, but this is optional. Small children are admitted from just a few months of age, provided they are under the supervision of an adult at all times (keep in mind that bestial buccaneers are usually NOT good nannies or have the best habits).

Pirate ship Captain Hook Cancún | All aboard!

2.- What is the essence of the Captain Hook Cancun tour?

The experience of the pirate ship Captain Hook Cancun starts from the boarding at the pier, where imposing pirates with wooden legs, eye patches and weathered faces will welcome you to sail on board the Black Pearl, El Galeón I or El Bucanero II, three authentic replicas of 18th-century Spanish galleons.

Once in your seat and with a beautiful view of the sunset or Cancun at night, the pirate show begins and you will witness an epic sword fight between buccaneers, see a spectacular fireworks show, dance to the rhythm of the today’s hits and you and your family or friends can participate in fun games and contests. During the whole trip you will enjoy free bar service and in the middle of the cruise you will have a delicious dinner.

Barco pirata Capitán Hook Cancún | ¡El show es increíble!

3.- What is included in the Captain Hook Cancún tour?

In addition to the show with the crews of two of Captain Hook Cancun’s ships facing off on the shores of the Caribbean in a close battle for the coveted booty, your admission includes a delicious dinner with lobster, cut of meat or chicken, salads and pastas, as well as a convenient children’s buffet where small pirates can enjoy chicken nuggets, French fries and hot dogs.

Your entrance to the pirate ship Cancun Captain Hook also includes a refreshing variety of cocktails prepared with national liquors and beer in open bar service, which you can enjoy during the trip with an approximate duration of 3 hours.

Pirate ship Captain Hook Cancún | Everyone wants to be a pirate

4.- Can I live forever on the pirate ship?

Look, the truth is no. Captain Hook Cancun’s pirate recruitment process is ultra-rigorous and they only accept buccaneers with the worst credentials and bad fame in the 7 seas. But you can start your career by purchasing a pirate kit at the dock. This includes a sword, a patch and a bandana. VICTORY IS YOURS!

Pirate ship Captain Hook Cancún | The family jewels

5.- Anything else I need to know before boarding the ship?

For your comfort we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes on board the Cancun pirate ship. Remember that everything happens in a moving boat in the Mexican Caribbean, you will climb steps and you will surely participate in a contest or show your best dance steps on the deck. Maybe you want to leave your miniskirt and your stilettos, your suit or tuxedo for another occasion.

Will you do this tour in winter? Even with the warmth that characterizes the beaches of Cancun, in the months of December to February the temperature usually goes down, so take a light sweater so you can cover yourself from the fresh breeze after having clapped, jumped and danced as if there was not a tomorrow.

Take cash with you if you have any additional expenses, such as souvenirs or extras, or tips for the crew if they treated you like the renowned pirate captain you are.

Now you know what it takes to set sail with the toughest Caribbean crew and make the most of your experience! The Captain Hook Cancun tour and its pirates wait for you.

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