Shout Out to the Best Guides for Tours in Cancun!

As a local travel blogger, social media manager and content editor of this travel agency, I am fortunate to frequently enjoy all kinds of tours in Cancun: visits to archaeological sites, excursions to Isla Mujeres and Cozumel , as well as adventures in ziplines, cenotes, jet skis and snorkeling in Cancun.

While the average traveler will take a couple of tours in Cancun during their annual vacation, my work allows me to escape from the city at least two or three times a month (poor me!). This has given me the opportunity to meet and chat with travelers from other parts of Mexico and the world, as well as to establish relationships with incredible characters always present in all these excursions: of course I’m talking about the tourist guides!

Tours en Cancún | Los guías ponen la sal y la pimienta a la aventura

The warmth, kindness and knowledge of the tourist guides are the elements that make the tours in Cancun truly memorable.

The guides that accompany you on the tours in Cancun are the people who work the hardest and the longest hours in the tourist industry of the destination. They get up before the sun rises and return home after dark because they have a primary mission: to ensure that the entire process of your adventure works like a “Swiss clock” from beginning to end. That the transport is on time and in optimal conditions, that drinks and food are on board and in the right place, that the “pick ups” itinerary prepared by their colleagues in the office is correct, or that adjustments are made in operations on the fly depending on traffic, passenger delays, minor incidents and other external factors.

When they arrive at your hotel, your guide will welcome you with a big smile and a greeting in your language … yes, because they have all studied and speak two or more languages.

These amigos will do their best to remember your name and where you are from, will share their best (and worst) jokes, humor and banter to bring you into the mood and vibe of the day, no matter how grumpy you may be!

Tours en Cancún | Los guías dan color a la aventura

The guides that take you on tours in Cancun that include archaeological zones have taken numerous courses, passed exams and obtained certification from the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico. It is not easy to be a certified guide! In addition, it implies an economic investment that they pay for out of their own pocket

While you tour the ancient Mayan cities with tourist guides and listen to their explanations, stories, anecdotes and recommendations, you will see how history and nature come to life before you: mysterious carvings on the walls of an ancient temple in Chichen Itza, a colorful bird hidden among the foliage of Cobá or an impressive insect among the rocks of Tulum will be part of your adventure. Without your guide to the side, surely you would have gone right past these and many other fascinating elements without even realizing it.

Many guides that take you to nature reserves such as Sian Ka’an and Isla Contoy, to snorkel or dive in Cancun, have studies in biology or sustainability. Even young people who guide you on zipline adventures in Riviera Maya with Petzl equipment, for example, are experts in the proper use of all the required gear.

Tours en Cancún | Parte del mejor equipo de guías

We’ve seen them mobilizing to get wheelchairs and strollers, patiently answering the thousand and one questions of an annoying child and even doing the impossible to find the sunglasses that some clueless tourist forgot on the top of a Mayan temple. Well, besides that, they act as “motivational coaches” and will try to get you out of your comfort zone so that you do not miss out on a jungle suspension bridge, a dive into an imposing underground cenote or a memorable snorkeling experience.

In short: the tours in Cancun would not be half as fun or interesting without these heroes without capes and without masks.

Chito, Rías, Gustavo, Adrián, Alberto, Mauricio, there are so many names and stories that it would be impossible for me to name in this post all the guides I’ve had the fortune to meet! To you, friends, even those who have already left that enigmatic Inframundo from which they came to speak with such passion (Rafael, father of the little woman I love with all my heart, how I would have liked to talk to you!), To all , THANK YOU for putting the soul in your work, managing to convert each of the tours in Cancun that we live in unforgettable adventures.

Do you remember the name of a guide with whom you had an exceptional tour in Cancun? Mention their name in the comments and leave a greeting! 🌴😃✋ 🌴😃✋

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