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When you plan your vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, you are thinking about sun, sand and beach, of course! You chose the Mexican Caribbean for those three simple reasons. If you have already come more than once, I can bet you have already made the obligatory visit to Chichén Itzá, a tour to Tulum and even go for your third time in Xcaret or Xel Há. And then? What more do you have to do in this beautiful destination?

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Today we’re going to talk about a real gem that was installed in the Riviera Maya a couple of years ago. It is a world-class show that we totally recommend for your next trip to Cancun. We are talking about JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil, a show with the signature of the renowned Cirque Du Soleil, and with that you can imagine the quality of the show you are going to witness!

Perhaps you’ve already had the opportunity to attend other stagings of this circus, but JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil has the peculiarity of being the first permanent show in Mexico, so the experience will be incomparable. You have to come willing to open all your senses. From the entrance to JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil you will be fascinated by the surrounding landscape of the jungle, you will forget everything and little by little you will be eagerly awaiting what comes next.

You will walk to the theater and once you put your foot inside, a Latin group with live music will make your senses vibrate, at the same time that the JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil staff will be at your complete disposal to make your visit unforgettable.

You should know that another pleasant surprise of this Cancun tour is that it is not only a visual and auditory performance, when I was referring to you having to open all your senses I literally referred to every single one, because the culinary experience that is included as part of JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil is legendary. Everything is delicious and the way to present each one of the food is meticulously taken care of. In addition, the champagne highlights all the flavors and you will have a party on your palate.

As for the story, Cirque Du Soleil JOYÀ tells the story of a teenager whose grandfather, a wise old man, tries to show her an extraordinary world that he has been discovering for many years in his books. There is one volume in particular that the peculiar man protects with great suspicion, his masterpiece, writings where the meaning of life is, a secret that he wishes to transmit to his granddaughter so that she can continue with her legacy. But do not be scared! You will not see a boring story about an old man and his granddaughter, the Cirque Du Soleil show JOYÀ will not stop surprising you. Constantly, nearly 200 artists on stage perform pirouettes, acrobatics and dances that will awaken your imagination, challenging the laws of logic and physics.

All in all, JOYÀ Cirque Du Soleil greatly expands the panorama of what you can do in Cancun, give yourself the opportunity to take a look at this show!

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