Loma Bonita Cancun, Jungle Fun for the Whole Family!

Cancun is famous worldwide for its white sand beaches and the incredible blues of the Caribbean Sea, but did you know that it is located in a lush tropical jungle? There are countless Cancun activities waiting among the lush vegetation, and in places like Loma Bonita Cancun you will find the perfect environment to let your wild side free!

Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games!

Loma Bonita Cancun is an adventure park located on the “Ruta de los Cenotes” in Puerto Morelos, about 30 minutes from the hotel zone of Cancun. Loma Bonita Cancun is not your typical concrete and plastic park! Here the whole team guarantees an authentic and personal experience; from the moment you enter Loma Bonita Cancun you are already part of the family, a member of this adventurer clan of the jungle.

The 4 amazing activities in Cancun that await you at Loma Bonita


Loma Bonita Cancún | Tirolesas

Ziplines in Cancún

You will enjoy the element of air as you climb the towers of the exciting circuit of Cancun ziplines in the jungle. No experience necessary, this tour is guided by the experts at Loma Bonita Cancun and the security team they employ is tops. Beginners and experts alike will have an incredible time and with maximum adrenaline on the ziplines of Loma Bonita Cancun!

Loma Bonita Cancún | Caballos

Horseback ride in Cancun

All animal lovers will adore this Cancun horseback ride at Loma Bonita, the perfect adventure to get in touch with nature, the peace of the jungle, the sounds of the horses breathing with their perfect rhythm when riding. This is one of those activities in Cancun that generate a sense of satisfaction and a connection with Mother Earth that we all need from time to time, a break from technology and the fast-paced world in which we live!


Loma Bonita Cancún | Cuatrimotos

ATVs in Cancún

You will hop on a powerful ATV and ride at full speed through the jungle to feel the rush of adrenaline of ATVs in Cancun. The road is varied, there are some trails in Loma Bonita Cancun where you can go fast, then suddenly the road becomes narrow, or, you have to pass over roots, puddles and mud, so you must slow down. Taking a ride on ATVs in Cancun is an experience in JOY that comes from combining incredible natural scenarios and motorized vehicles. Ready, Set, Go!

Loma Bonita Cancún | Tirolesa en el cenote

One of the most awesome cenotes in Cancun

Loma Bonita Cancun is home to an ancient wonder of the Mayan world, an open cenote, perfect for swimming and a refreshing dip. Dive from the tower or do one more zipline and let yourself splash down into the water. You can also float around and contemplate the beauty of nature and thus conclude in a perfect way a lovely adventure in the jungle on this Cancun excursion.

Loma Bonita Cancún | Cenote Mojarras

Take the path to authentic adventures, away from the typical parks. Dare to discover Loma Bonita Cancun with your family on your next vacation!

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