Soft white sand, warm sea breeze, turquoise waters and the delicious rays of the Caribbean sun. These are basic elements of life in this tourism mecca, but each of the beaches of Cancun has its own personality, a unique vibe that attracts different types of sun lovers and ocean fanatics. So, what are the best beaches in Cancun? Our personal selection, the beaches of Cancun where we as locals go to build sand castles whenever we can, are the following: Playa Delfines Cancun Playa Delfines, also known as “El Mirador”

“Traveling to Cancun without exploring Yucatan, its archaeological sites, “Pueblos Magicos” or cenotes, is like sitting at the table, eating just an appetizer and then leaving.” For many, the idea of ​​a vacation in Cancun consists mainly of beaches, modern resorts and nightclub clubs. Without a doubt, all of the above are excellent reasons to come to the Mexican Caribbean, but remember that Cancun is only a few hours away from amazing places in Yucatan that present an irresistible combination of history, nature and fun. Discover the vestiges of the

What’s up with the cenotes in Cancun? How were they formed? Why are there no cenotes in other parts of the world? To solve this and other questions, let’s go back a bit in time, only 65 million years. We are in the Yucatan Peninsula, the exact place where the Earth suffered an immense cosmic impact, an asteroid or a comet of approximately 15 kilometers in diameter collided with our planet causing the mass extinction of almost all species that then inhabited the earth (yes , the dinosaurs among them).

It has happened to all of us, planted in front of the monitor answering one of thirty pending work emails, while the soul embarks on a beautiful journey to that promised land of pina coladas, soft white sand, refreshing sea breeze, swimsuits, hammocks and wooden lounge chairs. The office phone and your cell phone ring as well, and even your boss looks at your cubicle to see what’s happening with you and find out the reason for your relaxed smile, but you’re resting on a tropical island in your mind.

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