Privacy Policy Cancun Blog is a company located in the city of Cancun, we know that it is important for you to make good use of your information and to keep it private and confidential. Our privacy policy is about the good use of the same and the acceptance of the client when shopping with us.

About My Cancun Tours is the owner and holder of the rights to these brands, trade names, service names, designs and logos, which are directly related to our services, be it tours, transportation or packages.

The information acquired from each of our visitors is handled confidentially and helps to provide our customers with the improvements they require.

When you visit us

Every time you visit us there is an exchange of information, for which anonymous sessions are generated and allow you to browse without disclosing anything about your information until the moment of purchase, we use these sessions, in order to be able to understand the behavior and needs of our clients, in order to offer them a better service, as well as to know the type and name of the search engine they use to reach our website and always respecting the characteristics of the Internet Protocols to provide greater security, that in this way both parties benefit.


We will place a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small computer file that allows the transmission of information from our site to your computer, which allows us to respond to the information requested by you. These cookies help to know if you are a new visitor or a frequent visitor of our page and in this way they help that the experience of the client within the site is appropriate. For example, we use a cookie in order to obtain results about the search you perform in order to make this search more efficient. Also, on certain occasions may appear third-party cookies from us whether they are sponsors or part of the same search engines.

When you decide to register with us

At the moment of entering our site and wishing to buy or reserve, an exchange of confidential information will automatically take place, which will be 100% protected and in this way you will be taken by simple questions and formats to a secure purchase, in this way our site registers it and thus generates an access with a password to be able to visualize what you acquired and the information you provided. It is worth mentioning that we have all the certificates and international security stamps updated and of the highest quality.

Who will have access to your information?

My Cancun Tours, systematically sends the information to the bank for which no person intervenes at the time of purchase or it is possible to alter your information, if any person is caught trying to violate security rules or procedures, is processed with the corresponding authorities and the client is totally protected from any fraud or misuse of your information.

Conditions of use, terms and notifications

All the conditions of use, terms and notifications, are duly validated by the corresponding authorizations, either nationally for clients of the country, with the AFI IT section, as well as with the European Association of Computer Arbitration and its similar from the United States. of North America, as well as with the Chamber of Electronic Commerce of the United States of North America. Reason why, this site complies with the updated international statutes and regulations, and the notifications about it are endorsed and supported by said associations, and protected by the rights and laws that thus correspond to both the company and our customers.