Río Secreto Playa del Carmen: A Magical Underground World

Everyone knows that in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya there are spectacular beaches of soft white sand that are caressed by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Everyone has daydreamed before a panoramic photograph of Cancun with its characteristic turquoise tones!

What few know is that this area, the entire Yucatan Peninsula, hides a vast network of underground rivers and caves that can be explored. Dare to enter Rio Secreto Playa del Carmen on your next vacation!

Río Secreto Playa del Carmen | Una inolvidable aventura bajo la tierra

Underground rivers? Secret caves? Huh?

To make a very long story short, 65 million years ago, a meteorite hit the Yucatan Peninsula; According to scientists, this event unleashed such a force that it led to the extinction of all the dinosaurs on Earth. In turn, the impact fractured the limestone soil characteristic of this entire region.

With the passage of time, with “patience and prudence” and through filtration through the porous stone, the water has molded natural sculptures creating an incredible environment of caves, cenotes and underground rivers just below the thick jungle. This is the world of Río Secreto Cancún that we invite you to explore!

Río Secreto Playa del Carmen | Sé un verdadero explorador por un día

How can I explore the rivers and caverns of Río Secreto Cancún?

The ideal way is with the guides of Rio Secreto Riviera Maya and carrying the necessary equipment from head to toe: special anti-slip and submersible footwear, neoprene suit to conserve body heat (the temperature in the caves is regularly lower than on the surface ), life jacket and helmet with lamp.

How was Río Secreto discovered?

The story of the discovery of Río Secreto is legendary, a man in charge of surveying the land where this natural reserve now sits spotted an iguana that had the right shape and size to become the main dish of his family meal. The man chased the iguana until it disappeared suddenly … it had escaped through a small hole in the ground.

Río Secreto Playa del Carmen | Los paisajes subterráneos te enamorarán

As food is not something that one can easily let go, our improvised hero removed stones of all sizes to find the iguana, unintentionally discovering the entrance to the fascinating Secret Rio Playa del Carmen that we know today. Side note: We hope that the story has had a doubly happy ending and our friend has captured the elusive iguana, although the official version of the story no longer mentions it.

What is a tour in Río Secreto like? What does it consist of?

Your adventure in Rio Secreto Riviera Maya begins with the blessing of a shaman. For the ancient Mayans, the cenotes and underground rivers were the entrance to the underworld, Xibalbá, the world of the dead. In honor of the beliefs of the original people who have inhabited this region for hundreds of years and whose traditions are strongly linked to the land, we invite you to witness this ritual of pre-Hispanic origin.
Río Secreto Playa del Carmen | Un ritual maya antes de la expedición

Afterwards, you will enter the caves with a small group of travelers and an expert guide from Río Secreto Playa del Carmen. Sometimes on foot, sometimes swimming in crystal clear water, always surrounded by thousands of stalactites and stalactites, you will cross the narrow corridors and huge vaults of this natural sanctuary. Words are insufficient to describe all the sensations and emotions that you get when exploring Río Secreto Cancún! There is no photo or video that does justice to this natural wonder, you have to experience this journey in the flesh!

When you think about things to do in Cancun, remember the invaluable natural treasures that await you in Rio Secreto Playa del Carmen. Nature, history, culture and adrenaline, a Rio Secreto tour has all the elements to stay in your heart and your memory forever!

Río Secreto Playa del Carmen | Una experiencia para toda la familia


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