10 Things to Do in Cancun to Add a Little Spice

Vacation planning is in itself a super fun experience: peruse lots of pictures and videos, compare hotels based on the recommendations of your family, friends and what you have found on social networks, as well as make a list of the Cancun nightclubs or restaurants that you must visit.

Of course, among the things to do in Cancun will be Xcaret or a tour to Chichen Itza, but do not forget to include in your outings those little adventures that give color and flavor to travel; Sometimes they are things that cost very little or nothing and always become a point of reference in your memories and anecdotes.

Here is our list of 10 little things to do in Cancun that will make your vacation more vibrant:

1.- Build a beautiful sand castle and then squash it as if you were a giant (aha, as the Tibetan monks do with their mandalas, it’s very liberating!).

Qué hacer en Cancún | Un castillo de arena

2.- Make a hole in the beach and bury someone up to the neck. Pat down that sand really well, and then take photos and video before they can get out of there!

Qué hacer en Cancún | Que te entierren en la arena

3.- Start your day with a super hamburger and an epic yard of your favorite beverage at Señor Frog’s Cancun. As for your cocktails with fruit, try the “Big Watermelons”, it’s our favorite. There is nothing better to recover energy after a night of partying in the clubs of Cancun!

Qué hacer en Cancún | Yardas en Señor Frog's

4.- Explore the Hotel Zone by bus from start to finish. Does something catch your eye on the road, beach, restaurant, shopping plaza, archaeological zone or local handicrafts? Get off the bus and explore. The ticket per person costs less than twenty Mexican pesos or one US dollar. If you are looking for things to do in Cancun that are fun, nice and cheap, this is the ideal option.

Qué hacer en Cancún | Explorar la zona hotelera en bus

5.- Visit Mercado 28 in downtown Cancun. You will find everything: handicrafts, jewelry, typical snacks, fish and seafood restaurants, ATMs and even pharmacies.

Qué hacer en Cancún | Mercado 28

Foto de David Stanley en Flickr.

6.- Try the hottest sauce you can find! Test your bravery and your palate. Cancun and the entire Yucatan Peninsula are characterized by their habanero chile sauces; They are super hot! Interestingly, the habanero is one of the least aggressive peppers for the stomach. TIP: Have a little salt on hand and avoid drinking sodas with gas to try to remove “enchilada”.

10 cosas que hacer en Cancún | Prueba una salsa de habanero

7.- Buy one of those horrible shirts that say CANCÚN in huge and bright letters. Sure, you’ll only use it as pajamas to sleep, and what better way to remember all your adventures in Cancun just before you start dreaming? 😉

Qué hacer en Cancún | Comprar una fea playera de souvenir

8.- Let them make you little braids on the beach! When you return home, the braids and your tan will be living testimony that you came to Cancun and will give you the ideal pretext to show your family and friends everything you have done.

que-hacer-en-cancun (2)

9.- Dare to dance next to the pool at the slightest provocation! The hotel staff regularly organizes dance competitions and chooses those who dance best through the applause of other travelers who cool off in the pool or sunbathe in lounge chairs. Show your best steps! Why not? No one there knows you and what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.


Qué hacer en Cancún | Bailar con los animadores

10.- Take a photo next to the Cancun sign at Playa Delfines. You just have to take the bus in the Hotel Zone and get off at El Mirador. The view is amazing and you can take advantage to visit a small archaeological site that is only a few steps away: El Rey.

Tómate una foto en Playa Delfines | El Mirador

Now you know what to do in Cancun in addition to the most popular tours! Leave your hotel and explore everything that this destination has for you. Also, when you return home you will have many more stories to show off to your friends.

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