A “Must Do” Tulum Tour and the Caves of Aktun Chen

Your trip to the Mexican Caribbean is approaching and you are looking for activities in Cancun to make the most of your visit to this incredible destination, right? Here we give you just one idea of ​​what to do and where to go on your well-deserved vacation.

You have already read that a Tulum tour from Cancun is one of the most sought after by those who visit this warm corner of Mexico, and no wonder! The archaeological zone of Tulum is emblematic for its amazing location atop a cliff, did you know that it is the only Mayan settlement located on the coasts of the Caribbean Sea? Believe us, this place you have to see it live and in full color, there are no photos or videos that can do it justice.

Tour a Tulum y a Aktun Chen | Una caminata subterránea épica

Before deciding on one of the many tours in Cancun that will take you to this archaeological treasure, imagine discovering this incredible Mayan ruins site AND the spectacular Aktun Chen Caves in one magical day. Located in a natural park with a maze-like  system of caverns and refreshing cenotes, Aktun Chen will blow your mind. Keep reading to discover what it is about!

Your day starts with a tour to Tulum

The starting point of your tour to Tulum is the Hotel Zone of Cancun, the adventure begins right here! The guide will tell you about the itinerary, provide useful recommendations to protect you from the sun and mosquitoes, give you a brief historical overview of Tulum and solve all the doubts that may arise along the way. For those who prefer a more complete experience, the “Plus” version of Tulum Tour + Aktun Chen Cenotes includes drinks on the round trip, as well as an energizing breakfast on board the transportation.

Tour to Tulum and Aktun Chen | Explore the ancient city

One of the most iconic structures of this Mayan ruins site is El Castillo, which is said to have been used as a beacon by navigators who approached the beaches of ancient Zama.

One kilometer from the entrance of Zamá, the pre-Hispanic name of the place we now know as Tulum, you will board a cute little train that will take you to the old ceremonial center. You will explore all the pre-Columbian buildings with the help of a certified guide and you will learn about the commercial importance that the people of Tulum represented for the ancient Mayans.

Tour a Tulum y a Aktun Chen | Disfruta la vista del Caribe

Travel Tip: An element that you should consider every time you visit an archaeological zone as important as Tulum is the company of a certified guide. Your credentials guarantee that the information you are about to receive is guaranteed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which will substantially enrich your visit. I personally feel that a visit to an archaeological site without a guide is like watching a movie on mute, pretty pictures and no story!

Cool off in the Cenote Aktun Chen

To continue with the adventures of the tour to Tulum and Aktun Chen from Cancun, the transport will take you to the Aktun Chen Park, located 25 minutes from the town of Tulum and where you can see local species of jungle animals such as peccaries, deer or parrots in a animal sanctuary enabled for that purpose.

Tour to Tulum and Aktun Chen | An encounter with nature

In the company of a park guide you will take a super fascinating underground tour among stalactites and stalagmites in which you will learn about the long process of formation of the caves that cover the entire Yucatan Peninsula, some of which are totally flooded and form rivers under the land, others are only partially saturated with water and others are totally dry. This tour has been listed by NatGeo among the “10 Best Underground Walks in the World”!

Tour a Tulum y a Aktun Chen | Explora las entrañas de la tierra

After a very active morning it will be time to enjoy a delicious meal. Right at the door of Aktun Chen’s restaurant you will be greeted by a friendly spider monkey that you can meet before recharging batteries with a menu that can include chicken fajitas, quesadillas and fresh waters.

To culminate this journey you will refresh yourself in the crystalline waters of Cenote Aktun Chen and reconnect your senses with nature in a fun cenote snorkeling tour in this beautiful underground wonderland.

Culture and fun go hand in hand in one of the best tours in Cancun. Get to know the Grottos of Aktun Chen, swim in a cenote and go on a tour to Tulum in the same day!

Tour to Tulum and Aktun Chen | Snorkel at Cenote Aktun Chen

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